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Mail time, mail time, MAIL TIME!
Here's the mail, it never fails,
It makes me want to wag my tail,
When it comes I wanna wail - MAIL!

THOMAS NGUYEN, my Swedish sugar daddy, you are the best! You do not know how excited I was when the guy at the post office gave me this huge-ass box. Just look at it! It was so huge that the corrupt-ass people at customs weren’t going to give it to me without charging me extra in taxes.

What’s inside? Candies!

Corrupt customs guy gives the box an unnecessarily heavy shake. Here’s cookies breaking apart T_T

Okay, fine. Take it.

I was so scared he was going to ask for some. I’d have snatched it from him and made a run for it if he did. No one can have my Swedish candies. You’ll have to cut right through me first. Hmph.

Also, oh god. I look like such a proud Golden Globe winner, waving my trophy like nothing. It felt like a proud moment okay.

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    I’m so flattered. Finally a sugar daddy~! YOU are the best, Migs, and you deserve all the candies and pepparkakor in the...
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  3. thomasnougat said: I’m sure I replied to this post! But anyways, EAT AALLLLL THE CANDIES! <3<3<3
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