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027/365: January 27, 2013

I can finally breathe easy again. My previous external hard drive decided to die on me a month ago, so the days that followed that found me scrambling to back-up my… well… backup. What kind of world do we live in where we have to back-up even our backups? It was so stressful. My previous external drive was 1TB, and my Macbook’s capacity is 250GB. I’d already had about 700+GB on my external when it decided to die, so you can imagine just how hard it was for me to have to pick and choose which files I was saving via temporary residence on my laptop.

My Macbook started acting up after the huge file transfer, taking a good five minutes to both startup and shutdown. It was a nightmare! I was so afraid my Macbook was going to go next. Thankfully, it held its own.

I finally got myself another external hard drive yesterday, but just a sort of temporary one until I get my 1TB one replaced. I just couldn’t bare the thought of having basically my entire life inside my laptop with no backups. One wrong move and it was goodbye to everything I’d ever known.

It’s just 500GB but it does the job. My Macbook’s back to tip-top condition, starting-up and shutting-down like a normal laptop. Also, I can go back to abusing my torrents. Jai ho!

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