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Mail time, mail time, MAIL TIME!
Here’s the mail, it never fails,
It makes me want to wag my tail,
When it comes I wanna wail - MAIL!

LAWRENCE! No words, buddy. True friendship right here. In my hands. Just waiting to be opened! I read on the manifest that you sent me Tim Tams and vegemeat? So varied (and very, very much appreciated).

I had a cheesy-as-fuck paragraph all written up here (like I always do), but I decided against it. (See? I’m growing up! Well, maybe not really, because…) Instead, I’ve pasted it onto a text file, probably to be sent along with my package to you. I can’t seem to say no to cheese! #help

Can’t wait for you to get my package; hopefully it arrives in time for your birthday! Now get back home, stat, so we can talk and I can open this up! It’s been killing my focus all day XD

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